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Prior & During the Session

All sessions take place via video conferencing link (Zoom) which you will receive once you have made your booking.


During the session we proceed to eliminate blocks related to your pattern. This includes beliefs and/or conditionings, senses.


After a Session

After a session you may notice that you feel a little "lighter". This is due to the release of the blockages. There is nothing for you to do, as changes will start to assimilate straight away.

Why is there nothing to do/learn?

Because you are unlearning false information (limiting belief).
This is why mantras/affirmations, are not needed.
When you unlearn it trains your brain more clearly to see how you were all along.


Session Options

Although there is a shift after one session, in my experience working with clients it usually takes between 5-10 sessions to eliminate a pattern in order to find all the relevant blocks.

Session Options:

1 x Session

For existing clients only as top-up sessions

5/10 x Session

For new clients and exisiting client who wish to work on a seperate pattern

Initial Consultation

Call for new clients to discuss issue and recommend session option


Client Type

I have worked with clients ranging from entrepreneurs, who have been unable to say no and holding back their true feelings, to 6 figure earners, who have a fear of what future success may bring and to clients who have a feeling of messing up, even though there is no evidence and were actually excelling at their profession.

I do not work with clients currently on medication or are under medical supervision.

This work is an educational and self-improvement process and is not a medical form of therapy and is not governed by any medical institution. For a full list of terms and conditions, click here


Book Session

To book a session please click below. If you have any questions, visit the contact page

The Session

"From as early as I can remember, I have often had the feeling of 'driving with the handbrake on'. Even when times were good, there was often something lurking in the background. I would start things and not finish them; change course often; doubt myself; etc. I tried many ways of shaking it off, or overcoming it. But it got to the point where I was almost resigned to just managing it. Working with Stavros has been remarkable. Each session has not only shifted / eliminated several limiting beliefs, but also led to profound insights into my past and my present. On one level the change is instant - I feel a shift, viscerally. On another level I notice the changes over time. Looking back to when I first started working with Stav (2 months ago and 4 sessions later) I can see clearly how I am behaving and acting much more 'smoothly' and with less doubt and anxiety. A project I was unsure about has taken off beyond my expectations and I am excited - with much less doubt. I am looking forward to working more on a few last limiting beliefs. I cannot recommend Stav enough. He's very empathetic, yet focused and definitely effective. If you are curious, but not sure, I suggest you give him the benefit of the doubt. What have you got to lose - apart from a few limiting beliefs?"

Daniel B. (United Kingdom)