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Why the procrastination technique you're using will probably stop working

Why your procrastination goes a little deeper than you may think

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A quick search on Google "How to get rid of procrastination", yields the following:

Create a to-do list. Rank these in priority order. Tackle the hardest task first. Break the project down into manageable chunks. Organise your work space. Set a specific time aside to get started. Have a break. Get a partner that will keep you accountable. Have a song/playlist to get you in the mood. Make it fun. Reward yourself when completing a task.

(This was found in 5 minutes, however I have seen many techniques similar to the ones listed above)

While these are techniques are interesting and they may work, they will only work for the short-term.

Here's why:

According to Dr. Bobby Hoffman (2015), he has said that procrastination takes away the pressure of the self - in other words, if we fail, we can say, its because of the procrastination, i.e. "if I didn't wait until the the last minute, my performance would've been better".

Why do we do this?

Because who really wants to admit to themselves, that they believe they really can't do the work, cannot make mistakes or believe that they are just not good enough

What if, you believed:

- You could do the work,

- Its OK to make mistakes

- You are good enough

How many techniques listed at the start and the thousands of others out there would you need?





To Do

Free things

There are things in this life that are free, that are given to us, just for being here, that we may take for granted, the sun, the moon, our breath, water, greenery, tress.

Write about some of the free things in your life. How is your life affected by these things. How do they add to your life

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