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Why not go for it?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

And a super simple tool to use

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Here is a famous story doing the rounds about Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon)

So we all pretty much know Amazon and we all pretty much use it, however it almost never came to be.

Jeff Bezos, was working at a venture capital firm and he had the idea of Amazon. Now at the times Jeff was making good money at his current employment, however he had the idea for Amazon and was wondering whether it was worth a shot.

So he came up with the idea of "The Regret Minimisation Framework" (fancy wording for something really simple).

When faced between the choice of continuing at the venture capital firm , or starting Amazon, he asked himself this question:

In X years will I regret not doing this?

And this is what got him started on Amazon and quit his current employment.

Here is another way to do this:

- Imagine that you are close to the end of your life and your looking back on your life

- Now ask yourself the question:

Would I have regretted not making this decision?

If you said Yes --> Great, go for it

If you said No --> What is stopping from doing this?

- If its really not something you want to do, then great, you're becoming more streamlined

- If it is something you want and you are saying no, notice what is that you have to believe that has you doubting yourself - Is it something along the lines of:

I could make a mistake and that's a bad thing, What are others going to say about me, Its selfish to go after what you want

It doesn't have to be this way





To Do

Your last 5 years

We get accustomed to our accomplishments, to our challenges. What was once hard for us, is now easy.

Look back 5 years in your life and list all the things that were challenging for you, that are now easy, or easier, this could be anything, maybe you've got into a reading habit, maybe you're eating better, maybe you're much more comfortable in your work environment now

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