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Why knowing your starting point changes everything

Before we ask "where am I going", we need to know where we are

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Its easy to get seduced into thinking that we will only be happy when we reach our goal. However what do we do with our goals? We set some lofty goals, because we see others set those goals and we think we should be there as well.

Example: we see the picture on Instagram, or we see someone with the beach/bikini body and we say we want that. So what do we do? We join the gym, maybe sign-up for the 12 week/1 year program, buy the protein powders, go on the crazy shop and fill up our cupboards with beans, lentils, super duper expensive vitamins.

But do we ever stop and think "where am I"?

If you are someone who's exercise is mainly running for the bus, what do you think is most likely to happen when you start your workout program? You will start it and then stop within a month or so (see every new years resolution)

Why do we stop?

The problem is we tried to go from 0 to 200 mph in one-fell swoop, (wonder why diets only last a short while?)

The question we need to ask ourselves:

Where am I starting from?

As in the example above, if your exercise is mainly running for the bus, maybe its best to start with a 5 minute walk. Maybe after that you might add to it.

Maybe you find that after a while, your goal of having a bikini/beach body is not something that you want right now. Maybe your goal may be something less lofty, such as walking for 20 minutes without stopping.

Yes its not the Instagram picture/story, however who in the hell cares?






To Do

All about you

Make a list of all the skills you have. What you have learned. What makes you unique. What stands about you. T

This could be anything, e.g. I love how curious I am and I always ask questions, wanting to know how things work, i love how I'm there for my friend in need.

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