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What to choose, what to choose....Wait, do I have to choose?

Our choices and the ripple effect they have, even if we can't see it

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We are always making choices. Every second, every moment of the day. However the choices that we usually make, are those that we can see have an immediate reward.

For example: your friend asks you to go out for drinks, (which you have done many times) and the scenario goes like this: you meet up, you go to a bar, have a couple of drinks, go to another bar, have another couple of drinks, go to a club, where you have a few more drinks, go to whatever takeaway you can find, get some food, that is not in keeping with your regular food intake, make it back home at 4 am, go to sleep and wake up the next day at around 1pm, with a headache and feeling really lethargic and tired.

What if when you friend asked you to go out, you said no? What if you didn't make the choice to go out? What if you said to yourself, I know where this is headed, I'm staying in today?

Your evening, would've played out much more differently

Maybe you got back home, made yourself a bite to eat, did a few chores, read a book, watched a YouTube documentary. Maybe you discovered a course that you would like to try. You went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 7am. You woke up refreshed and energised for the day ahead. You woke up to such a beautiful morning, you decided to go for a walk.

In the second scenario, you didn't know where you choice would of led you. It had a ripple effect where you found a course that you wanted to do, you watched a documentary, you got to sleep early, ready for the day ahead. Possibilities opened up for you.

Making any choice will always have a ripple effect. If you know where your choice will always lead you (as in the 1st scenario), maybe its time to make a different choice





To Do

Change the activity

Think of an activity you always do, this could be anything, e.g. Wednesday, I always eat fish & chips or Friday night I always go for after-work drinks. What if you decided to not do those things, what could you be doing instead? (Btw: doing nothing, such as resting your body after long week is fine as well).

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