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What a garden told me about life

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

A simple thing such as watering the plants told me a lot

Photo Credit: Pexels (Pixabay)

So as it was starting to heat up in London this past week (38 degrees Celsius) * I thought that the plants and flowers in the garden needed a little watering.

All the plants and flowers in the garden looked beautiful, so I could've stopped right there and thought that it wasn't necessary. The soil on the other hand was a different story. It was dry in some places. It needed some attention. It needed watering.

So what did this simple thing of watering the soil tell me about life?

We move forward, we take care of things, we go to work, hang out with friends, undertake various activities, however how many of us are doing these things with ease? Is it a struggle, is it hard?

Maybe to get to where we need to get to, like the beautiful plants and flowers, we need to sure up our foundation...

*100 degrees Fahrenheit


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To Do

List 3 things that you are looking forward to


- This Could be anything; the smell of a Sunday morning coffee, catching up with a friend, lying down in fresh, clean sheets.

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