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Talking to myself

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We all have a running dialogue in our minds, running like a commentary track, however what does it say?

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Don't forget to pick up the milk at the supermarket, I haven't spoken to Jane in a while, I wonder how she is, how can I forget to pick-up the dry-cleaning, I'm such an idiot.

That last one stings a bit. Why do we say things like this to ourselves? Are we trying to give ourselves a punishment for "bad behaviour" or is because we hold ourselves to some ideal that is not allowed to make mistakes, because mistakes are bad. are we worried what someone thinks of us if we don't do things perfectly or is it because we really think we are stupid.

It doesn't have to be this way...


#Feel Lighter



To Do

For each of the next three days list 3 things that really stood out for you, either today/this week/this month/this year


- Find a quiet space or a place where you will not be disturbed

- Say it out loud. Lets not stay in our head. Dictate it onto your phone notes app if that helps and don't worry about spelling

- Really be descriptive, what you saw, heard, felt, what went on. This is not Gratitude, This is Gratitude +

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