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A pop song with fantastic wisdom

What a chart topper taught me about perspective

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I was driving the other day to an exercise class and as I do, I was flipping through the radio stations looking for a song - this has been known to annoy passengers in the car with me, but hey :)

I happened to land on Magic FM and the song that was playing was "Let Her Go", by Passenger.

Now this song is a break-up song, a story of how a man doesn't realise what he has until its gone, emphasised by the line "only know you love her when you let her go". This line and a few other lines in this song got my attention, and was thinking there is something more here.

The lines: "only miss the sun when it starts to snow", "only hate the road when you're missing home".

Why cant you enjoy the snow, why do you have to long for the sun?

Why do you have to hate the road, when you're away from home?

Why do you think you would only know your love her when you let her go?

The real question is: what is stopping from enjoying those things? What is missing for you? What is missing to have you enjoy the snow, the road, your lover?

Change your perspective.

Find what's missing & enjoy what you have, the snow, the road, your lover.





To Do

Think of an activity that is coming to an end in the next 1-3 months

Now that this activity is coming to an end, list why you are grateful for it -this could be because your learned something new, got to make new friends, you grew personally

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