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Hello & thank you for choosing the Consultation Service.


During our consultation we will discuss:


- What you would like to work on

- Any questions you may have

- Moving on and next steps,


Bearing this in mind, there are a few of things to check off:

2. What I would like to work on? 

(Note that this doesn't have to be 100% concrete as we will be discussing this on the call, however to help you can ask yourself the following questions:

What is the biggest thing (issue) holding me back?

e.g. fear of speaking up in public situations/I keep on putting things off that I want to do, I delay until the last minute


What would change if I didn’t have the issue (listed above)?

e.g. I would be expressing and speaking up for myself, I will be doing things with ease, my follow-through would be amazing

3. Please read the what I do page


4. Any questions you may may have.

Don’t worry if you forget anything during the session, happy to answer questions post session via email


Many thanks and I look forward to speaking with you,


With Gratitude,