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One Session

£145 (1 Hour)


5 x Session

£675 (5 x 1 Hour)


10 x Sessions

£1250 (10 x 1 Hour)


Consultation Call

£0 (15 mins)


"There wasn't really an obstacle preventing me to use this service, it was more like i didn't realize such a service like this existed. Once i found out what it was all about, i didn't hesitate to give it a go. Thankfully i did. Initially it was hard to believe that my beliefs were connected to my unwanted patterns of behaviour, however Stavros explained everything very well and we eliminated beliefs that initially would send a twitching sensation in my body. The end result was amazing! It took me a few days to understand how the things we talked about could have been a contributing factor to my previous problems but as i went on with my day to day tasks, they improved dramatically. I have to say one of the best features of the sessions, apart from the end result, was the host himself. He was patient enough to help me find the core of my problem,very helpful and his explanations & responses were perfect, they helped me understand everything. I have had a few sessions with Stavros, and he has helped in every single one of them. I'd highly recommend his session to anyone having problems with undesirable patterns of behaviour, giving you results that you really thought were out of reach."

Costa V. (Cyprus)