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About Me

How did I Get Started?

I started to eliminate many blocks that were holding me back, back in 2013, just shy of my 30th birthday. At the time I was a huge procrastinator and I used to worry what other people thought of me, although I managed to hide it well!

What Training Have I Undertaken?

Since I loved the changes that I noticed, I decided to train extensively with some of the world’s top experts in emotional and behavioural pattern elimination, de-conditioning processes, behaviour change and am a certified facilitator in those modalities.


What Changes Have I Noticed?

Most importantly that little voice in my head, that was constantly chatting away has gone quiet.

I left a profession that no longer served me, to be able to learn and provide a valuable service to others and most importantly has enabled me to be closer and deepen relationships with loved ones. 

In my spare time

I enjoy Greek dancing, 5-a-side, & spending time with my 4 year old nephew.