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Stavros aka"Stav"

My Journey

I started changing my behaviours back in 2013, just shy of my 30th birthday. At the time I was a huge procrastinator and I used to worry what other people thought of me, although I managed to hide it well!

I figured I had to change and after deliberating a long time, [procrastination was kicking in :) ] I started to eliminate many blocks that were holding me back. As I have seen many changes in my life, including leaving a profession that no longer served me, travelling to different countries and most importantly able to be closer with loved ones. That little voice in my head has also gone quiet and I feel much more energised.

Since I enjoyed the changes I experienced and still am experiencing I decided to train extensively with some of the world’s top experts in emotional and behavioural pattern elimination, de-conditioning processes, behaviour change, and belief work and am a certified facilitator. I am passionate about helping others break free of the blocks holding them back and I bring the knowledge and the experience to the role.


In my spare time I enjoy Greek dancing, Yoga, 5-a-side, & spending time with my 4 year old nephew.

"I wanted to become an entrepreneur and I failed a couple of times before which made me become quite anxious. Stav has helped me shape my awareness and eliminate many of the anxieties related to my past experience and what I was expecting from my own self in the future. Now I'm able to freely communicate with entrepreneurs and approach people that I wouldn't even think possible and feel totally fine with that. Today I'm in a very different place!

Arik C. (Israel)