Be free from the judgements of others

If you've ever wanted to stop worrying what others think of you and set yourself free, now is the best time to create the life you have always dreamed of.

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I work with clients on a one-to-one basis, helping clients break free of the internal blocks holding them back and eliminating unwanted emotional and behavioural patterns

What To Look Forward To


One of the positive side effects of eliminating our internal barriers, is that we do not have to carry our emotional baggage any longer. As you a result you will begin to feel lighter, internal chatter will quieten down and you will be able to navigate situations with ease


As we are no longer being held back and feeling that we are at the mercy of others, we are able to take action on the things that are most important to us, the things that we value, the things that we choose to give our life meaning


Because changes happen so effortlessly, one would assume there is a daily ritual to keep it up. In fact, there is no "homework" clients need to learn, no techniques to be aware of, no need to repeat anything over and over again. All you have to do is notice the amazing changes.


As we eliminate the barriers that are holding us back, we no longer need to convince others or ourselves of our worth, so we see our confidence and self-respect increase naturally 


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What Clients Say


My Self-Esteem has Increased

Erik C. (Israel)

Listen to Erik talk about how his life-long fear of failure is now gone


I'm No Longer Driving Like I Have The Handbrake On

Daniel D. (UK)


Here Daniel talk about how his life has changed, how he still reaping the rewards a year and a half later!


From Doubter to Believer

George P. (UK)


Watch George talk in this video how he now feels closer in his relationships with loved ones and more!


I Noticed A New Calm & Comfort

Jake K. (New Zealand)


I used to feel a lot of anxiety arise from any potential conflict or arguments and would try to exit the situation as soon as I could. After working with Stav for a couple of sessions, I started to notice I naturally wouldn’t try and exit a conflict situation. I noticed a new calm and comfort in that situation for the first time I can remember.


The End Result Was Amazing!

Costa V. (Cyprus)


There wasn't really an obstacle preventing me to use this service, it was more like I didn't realise such a service like this existed. Once i found out what it was all about, I didn't hesitate to give it a go. Thankfully i did. Initially it was hard to believe that my blockages were connected to my unwanted patterns of behaviour, however Stavros explained everything very well and we eliminated blockages that initially would send a twitching sensation in my body. The end result was amazing! It took me a few days to understand how the things we talked about could have been a contributing factor to my previous problems but as I went on with my day to day tasks improved dramatically. I have to say one of the best features of the sessions, apart from the end result, was the host himself. He was patient enough to help me find the core of my problem,very helpful and his explanations & responses were perfect, they helped me understand everything.


Super Happy

Naomi S. (Netherlands)


I needed help with removing blocks from the past that no longer served me. These sessions helped me realise how thoughts work and the effect they have on you. Super happy with this development and I will certainly make more use of it. Thank you very much!


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